Stemless Brandy, Cognac and Armagnac Tasting Glasses

Aroma-enhancing balloon snifters for nosing and tasting brandy, cognac and armagnac.
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Number of Glasses 4 pcs
Glass dimentions 3.1" Tall, 2.1" Top Diameter
Volume 8 Fluid Ounces
Type of Manufacturing Hand blown
Material Lead free crystal
Recommended Care Dishwasher safe
Fabulous Gift Box Ready for Gift Giving
Transportation warranty
Cocktail Recipes Included
Dishwasher Friendly Easy Care

  • DISCOVER COMPLEX AROMAS – elegantly shaped into small balloons with narrow necks, these professional stemless Brandy, Cognac, and Armagnac tasting glasses were created to capture and reveal even the most nuanced aromatic profiles. The bulbous snifter bowl allows optimal aeration by dispersing the sharp alcohol vapors away while concentrating and delivering the lush aromas toward the taster’s nose for the ultimate sipping experience.

  • SPECIALTY VESSELS – for nosing and tasting grape and fruit Brandy, Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, Brandy de Jerez, and Pisco. Perfect for appreciating Very Special (V.S.), Very Superior Old Pale (V.S.O.P.), Reserve, Napoleon, Extra Old (XO), Extra Extra Old (XXO), and Hors d’age brandy and cognac.

  • SOPHISTICATED GIFT – if there is something about a nice glass that makes your drink taste that much better, ours are blown from the finest crystal glass into graceful, seamless balloons. Every set comes neatly packed in our signature gift and storage box, while the back shares a few tips for brandy tasting.

✔️ Lead-free crystal glass
✔️ Hand blown
✔️ Dishwasher friendly

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Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Fáciles de lavar, súper cómodos y ligeros

Chad White
Fantastic packing

These snifters are better than I expected. They arrived packaged very nicely. Packing is very elegant and classy. Great sturdy glass for sipping brandy! I will recommend these to my brandy drinking friends.

Beautiful show piece 👏

The media could not be loaded. Just the presentation of the unboxing and than seeing it just wonderful great job , the glasses feel great and perfect, it truly does make a difference on what glass you use on different liqour or beer

Billy Stewart
Great set of snifters…

These snifters are a bargain, quality for an affordable, fair price. They display nicely in our hutch/bar set in the box or sitting out. The glass is thick and the shape is perfect. I’m very pleased.

Jen Rose
Beautiful Set!

These glasses are so unique and gorgeous. They look fancy sitting on our bar and they really make the flavor taste amazing. Great for parties and everyone loves them. Great value very nice set!


The media could not be loaded. I love this 4-piece, 8oz stemless set of brandy/cognac tasting glasses. They are absolutely beautiful. I purchased because I host wine tasting and other adult beverages at my house, and these are the perfect size for it. They glasses feel great in my hands. They are elegant and fancy. I hear that they should also give a beautiful drinking experience. The glasses are hand blown, durable and sturdy and easy to clean. I think they are a great value for the money. I need another set to be complete. I highly recommend. These glasses make me feel fancy.

Beautiful gift box and great glasses but cloudy at first

Right off the bat the gift box is beautiful, the inside is molded to fit the glasses and lined with satin so they nestle in there nicely. However, it’s also immediately noticeable that the glasses were very clouded with smudges. The cloudiness did go away after I washed and wiped them down. Once wiped they were free of smudges and look great. They’re exactly what I was looking for in a whiskey sampling taster glass, just wish the presentation was cleaner. These glasses would easily be giftable if it wasn’t for the smudges (shown in my video and photos).

Beautiful, well-made glasses / impressive gift

When I received this order, I was very impressed by the beautiful (and secure) packaging. The box it arrives in is 'display quality'. Any of my friends would be impressed by this as a gift. The glasses are beautifully made, a very light amber color to complement the after-dinner cognac, Armagnac, etc. The glasses are very 'substantial' -- the glass is thick and it feels very 'solid' when held in your hand. I have a 'tippy' standard that I apply to all of my glasses. How likely is it to tip over when filled with liquid? These glasses are very stable, not tippy at all like some 'top-heavy' glasses can be. Overall, these glasses get all 'fives' from me. They're beautiful to the touch and view. Highly functional, they will impress guests and make a great gift due to their presentation packaging. If you're looking for cognac glasses, I don't know how you could go wrong with these.

Beautiful set elegant presentation

This is a beautiful set of tasting glasses. They came in a very nice box wrapped in a satin like material. I was very impressed. They glasses sit in your hand well balanced for sipping your favorite beverage. I’ll swirl my beverage in the glass and enjoy the aroma the way it was intended. I highly recommend this set and feel they are worth the value.

Timothy Ryan
Glencairn glasses all grown up.

They look like a bigger version of a Glencairn glass. They have a good feel in the hand, the glass is thick, and the opening is appropriately sized for nosing. I don't know why they limit it to brandy, cognac, and armagnac in the description. So far I've tried armagnac, single-malt whisky, and an aged sipping rum in these glasses and all were well-served in the glasses. If you're giving these as a gift, the presentation box is nicely done; you won't go wrong.