About Us

Glassique Cadeau is a Northern Europe brand specializing in professional gift glassware. Found, owned and still run by a team of two creative minds it has always been a small family business at heart. Today known for its one of the kind signature gift boxes, it started with a simple idea that modern glassware is where the style should meet the function.

From the very beginning we decided to create all our sets from scratch, dive into full hands-on experience and create smart glasses in one of the kind gifts boxes. We made our own mold drawings to give the glasses smart shapes that would enhance the drink – bring out complex flavors and aromas, have the cocktail specific size or keep the drinks cold longer. Even today all our glass decorations, gift box designs and even glassware photography are entirely our own artwork while the glasses are blown by award winning masters using traditional methods from carefully sourced highest quality lead free crystal. Finally, plenty of drop tests helped us develop the solid protective shells that make the frame of our beautiful gift boxes to keep the glasses safe while shipping.

We wish that with every set you buy, you get the spark of excitement, festive spirit and that great feeling of finally finding a truly special gift. So let’s spread the joy of gift giving together!

The creative duo of Glassique Cadeau

Arthur & Ugne