Paris Coupe Cocktail and Champagne Glasses | Modern Glassware Collection | Set of 4 | 8 oz

Perfect for savoring iconic cocktails such as Manhattan, Sidecar, Gimlet, Daiquiri, Margarita, Boulevardier, Aviation, Martinez, Rob Roy, Hanky Panky, Bees Knees, Clover Club and Last Word.
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Number of Glasses 4 pcs
Glass dimentions 4.1" tall, 4.3" top diameter
Volume 8 Fluid Ounces
Type of Manufacturing Handcrafted
Material Borosilicate Glass
Recommended Care Dishwasher safe
Fabulous Gift Box Ready for Gift Giving
Transportation warranty
Cocktail Recipes Included
Dishwasher Friendly Easy Care



  • LIQUID ELEGANCE – in your fingertips. Elevate your cocktail experience with these striking Paris coupe glasses from the Modern Glassware Collection by Glassique Cadeau. Inspired by the architectural gems and creative cocktail scene of City of Lights, these elegant 8 oz saucer style glasses are exclusively shaped for classic and contemporary bar drinks, as well as champagne.

  • PERFECT FOR – savoring iconic cocktails such as Manhattan, Sidecar, Gimlet, Daiquiri, Margarita, Boulevardier, Aviation, Martinez, Rob Roy, Hanky Panky, Bees Knees, Clover Club, and Last Word.

  • TOUCH OF INNOVATION – take a step into the barware future. Handcrafted from extra light premium borosilicate glass, these stunning coupes are the new horizon in glass performance. Feeling almost weightless in hand, they are more durable than regular glass, more transparent than crystal, and resistant to thermal shock, which makes them an excellent choice for chilling in the freezer, serving ice-cold drinks, cleaning in the dishwasher, and enhancing the visual appeal of colorful cocktails.

  • TOUCH OF GLAMOUR – treat yourself. Designed in Milan, Italy, the creative heart of borosilicate glassware, these sleek coupe glasses embody the essence of modern minimalism where less is more. Clean stem lines, playful geometric forms, and seamless pattern-free bowls let your favorite cocktail and champagne be the real showstopper.

  • LUXURIOUS GIFT – every set of four cocktail glasses comes neatly packed in our signature Paris inspired gift box. The silky-smooth shape matching cloth carefully secures each piece of glassware in place and protects it from dust, scratching, and breaking, while the back of the box shares a few of our favorite cocktail recipes. Perfect gift idea for birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

  • HANDCRAFTED – all our borosilicate barware glasses are handcrafted. Due to this artisanal nature, their imperfections, nuances, or non-uniformity, such as a few tiny bubbles, are considered a characteristic of their value and authenticity. They do not affect the quality or sturdiness of these beautiful glasses.

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Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

The glasses are well made, classy and just plain fun to use. They are a perfect addition for anyone's bar. They also make desserts look fancy smancy!

ufo coupe glass

these glasses look like little flying saucers. They are great for when I’m trying to make a fancy drink for company, but also just enjoying a drink on my own. The box is so presentable I would give this as a gift. 8 ounces is enough for a little champagne or cocktail glass. This unique design stands out and looks great on your bar cart or shelves. it’s a perfect touch for summer parties or even New Year’s. I have paired these with little silicone coasters to help prevent them from tipping over.

Antigone WalshAntigone Walsh
Lightweight & Lovely

These glasses are lightweight and stylish. Different they feature a unique hollow rubber base. They are comfortable to hold and have decent capacity. Great for cocktails or champagne but they also make an interesting way to serve dessert. They come beautifully boxed. Lovely.

Unique shape for your bubbly

These glasses have such a vintage look and is a unique shape for drinking your various types of bubbly. The box it came in is quite beautiful and would make a lovely housewarming gift.


I have another set of glasses (the gin balloon glasses) from this same company and love them both. They are lightweight and have a hollow stem/base making them beautiful delicate in appearance but still feel good quality and not too thin like they would break easily. Such a unique and elegant coupe, they arrived quickly and were packaged excellently. Would highly recommend to make your home cocktail feel extra special.


These glasses are the cutest and I love the box they come in! I highly recommend!

Beautiful Coupe glasses

I love them. They are so aesthetic pleasing, they look so elegant. They came very well protected. These are a must have. This is a great gift for someone who enjoy making cute drinks. Quality is excellent. 10/10

Very nice glasses

Ever since I watched The Great Gatsby I've wanted coupe glasses so I could relentlessly toast people, and these fit the bill perfectly.The mouth of the glass is wide and easy to drink from, and the base has a unique, almost architectural design that makes it appear very expensive. They are a little light-weight but I don't think that they are delicate enough to break easily. The packaging is sooo luxe and beautiful: an almost silk-like 'scarf' holds the coupes in place and the packaging itself is pretty enough to use as a stand alone decor piece.I want all the different glasses this company makes. They work amazingly well for their intended use, and look fabulously expensive doing so. Great purchase.

Celebration Champagne Glasses In Cushioned Box

The day I saw this set was the day I decided it was time to invest in my champagne glass set. The day is coming soon, my website will go live in a few more days. When I find a gallery that wants my original paintings this set will come out and the champagne will flow. It's a lovely set. They set in the hand perfectly and are made of a glass that can take a knock or two. The price was super low for a cute set like this. If you know someone getting ready to celebrate a special event this set would make a nice gift. Five stars...quality for a low price.

Natalie Faye FernNatalie Faye Fern
Highly giftable set of coupes

These coupe glasses make a lovely gift for a wedding, housewarming or birthday - or even to yourself for a treat. They come in a beautiful box, packaged perfectly for gifting.The coupes are very distinctive and make a statement. The ribbed stems offer good stability while looking quite unique. Also, the glass feels lightweight yet sturdy.Whether sitting on a shelf or used in a tablescape, they look stylish and gorgeous! Great for cocktail nights, dinner parties, and any kind of celebration.