Mykonos Highball Cocktail Glasses | Modern Glassware Collection | Set of 4 | 14 oz

Perfect for savoring iconic highball cocktails such as Mojito, Gin Tonic, Vodka Tonic, Tequila Sunrise, Long Island Iced Tea, Planter’s Punch, St-Germain, Bloody Mary, Pimm’s Cup, Dark Stormy, Whiskey Highball, Gin Fizz, Gin Rickey, and Tom Collins.
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Number of Glasses 4 pcs
Glass dimentions 5.5" tall, 2.8" top diameter
Volume 14 Fluid Ounces
Type of Manufacturing Handcrafted
Material Borosilicate Glass
Recommended Care Dishwasher safe
Fabulous Gift Box Ready for Gift Giving
Transportation warranty
Cocktail Recipes Included
Dishwasher Friendly Easy Care

  • LIQUID ELEGANCE – in your fingertips. Elevate your cocktail experience with these striking Mykonos highball glasses from the Modern Glassware Collection by Glassique Cadeau. Inspired by the architectural gems and creative cocktail scene of iconic Greek island, these elegant 14 oz tall tumbler cocktail glasses are exclusively shaped for classic and contemporary bar drinks.

  • PERFECT FOR – savoring iconic highball cocktails such as Mojito, Gin Tonic, Vodka Tonic, Tequila Sunrise, Long Island Iced Tea, Planter’s Punch, St-Germain, Bloody Mary, Pimm’s Cup, Dark Stormy, Whiskey Highball, Gin Fizz, Gin Rickey, and Tom Collins.

  • TOUCH OF INNOVATION – take a step into the barware future. Handcrafted from extra light premium borosilicate glass, these long drink glasses are the new horizon in glass performance. Feeling almost weightless in hand, they are more durable than regular glass, more transparent than crystal, and resistant to thermal shock, which makes them an excellent choice for chilling in the freezer, serving ice-cold drinks, cleaning in the dishwasher, and enhancing the visual appeal of colorful cocktails.

  • TOUCH OF GLAMOUR – treat yourself. Designed in Milan, Italy, the creative heart of borosilicate glassware, these sleek hiball glasses embody the essence of modern minimalism where less is more. Clean stem lines, playful geometric forms, and seamless pattern-free bowls let your favorite cocktail be the real showstopper.

  • LUXURIOUS GIFT – every set of four cocktail glasses comes neatly packed in our signature Mykonos inspired gift box. The silky-smooth shape matching cloth carefully secures each piece of glassware in place and protects it from dust, scratching, and breaking, while the back of the box shares a few of our favorite cocktail recipes. Perfect gift idea for birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, anniversaries, and Christmas.

  • HANDCRAFTED – all our borosilicate barware glasses are handcrafted. Due to this artisanal nature, their imperfections, nuances, or non-uniformity, such as a few tiny bubbles, are considered a characteristic of their value and authenticity. They do not affect the quality or sturdiness of these beautiful glasses.

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Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Awesome glasses

I just love how these glasses feel. They are not heavy but feel durable. The design we selected is classic but looks dressed up. I plan to order more soon!

Cute cups

Nice quality cups. They are lightweight but still feel somewhat sturdy. The grooves of the cup add a nice design element to them, but they are a bit difficult to wash.It says they are made from borosilicate, which is what beakers are made from. So i guess they can withstand extreme temperatures. Not that i'd put something piping hot in this.They come in a cute box. It could certainly be gifted. They put a lot of effort in the packaging, which is nice. But you can still tell the copy wasn't written by a native english speaker. nevertheless, i am very happy with these glasses!

Light weight

The cups are very light weight but you can tell they are very good quality.

Feline FanaticFeline Fanatic
Yes, you can judge a book by its cover!

This set of Mykonos highball glassware is in a class of its own! First, as other reviewers have noted, the packaging is as exquisite as the product inside, so yes, in this case, you can judge a book by its cover! I think this set of glasses would make a perfect housewarming gift (or any other special occasion), especially for lazy people like me who hate giftwrapping but want my gifts to have a beautiful presentation.The glasses themselves have a fabulous look and feel to them. I have an eclectic assortment of glassware in my home, and every piece, regardless of its price tag, has an interesting and unusual texture. The Mykonos glasses are no exception, with their wonderful, textural ribs providing a most elegant and enjoyable surface to grip while you sip. I have a modern, minimalist vibe in my home, so these glasses fit right in, although they would probably fit in anywhere!As promised in their description, these glasses can be safely chilled in the freezer, and after just a few minutes of chilling, are frosted to perfection. (See photo.) I also appreciate that they are dishwasher safe.I honestly can't imagine anyone giving these glasses less than a 5 star rating, and I'm sure I will be ordering additional sets to give as gifts. I feel that they are quite reasonably priced for a set of 4 plus the gift box, which I have decided to save and use for their storage. (It's just too pretty to throw away!)

Beautiful glasses

These are beautiful iced tea glasses!! The design is unique and beautiful and I can’t wait to drink some lovely iced chai masala in it!

Love them

These glasses are so high quality, delicate and elegant, they’re perfect. This can be a very nice gift. Great size and lightweight. 100% worth it. I can recommend these glasses.

Happy ShopperHappy Shopper
Beautiful and lightweight

When they said light weight, they were not kidding! But at the same time time the glasses are not fragile. Very modrrn and minimalistic looking. I really like they look and feel of his glasses.

Love this collection

I purchased these not only for personal use, but for collecting, as these are among the prettiest glasses I’ve seen.I also have the coupe glasses from this brand so adding these Mykenos glasses seemed to make sense. The glasses are so delicate and sublime. The fluting on the glass is gorgeous, they’re a terrific size for mixed cocktails, and the glass is so clear that it’s almost crystal-like. They look expensive in both the satin display box they’re packed in and out on my bar.If continues to carry this brands bar ware, I will be sure to purchase any and all of them. I can’t say enough great things about this beautiful glassware, and I have no complaints at all.

Rk Star
Nice packaging, lightweight glasses

These come in a very pretty box and the glasses arrived undamaged and in tact. They are the perfect size cocktail glass and are very lightweight and easy to hold. They are handcrafted and do have some little bubbles in areas but there is a personality to these that are quite charming. The overall look and feel is very minimalist and the size is perfection. Overall, this is a very fun and beautiful set that makes an afternoon cocktail a total delight. This would make a lovely gift idea for anyone. The boxing is gorgeous!

Jimbo Jimbo
Very lightweight and good looking glasses

Immediately, you can tell that the manufacturer truly cares about the products that they put out. The packaging alone is phenomenal. Obviously, packaging isn't why you buy a product, but I assure you that the product is equally exquisite.The glass is incredibly clear (not as clear as crystal, but clearer than most glasses), there are no mold lines, and they are very lightweight. I'm impressed by how light they are. For a few seconds, I thought I was holding a plastic cup it was so light!The mouth of the glass is approximately 2.25 inches (57mm) diameter, but about the largest ice you can fit is 2" spheres. 2.25" spheres actually need to melt slightly to fit. 2" cubes will not fit.The glass frosts very nicely and quickly too and it seems like my ice lasts longer in these glasses than my regular 14 oz. glasses.These are absolutely great glasses and I will be looking for other glasses from this manufacturer.