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Large Brandy Snifter Glasses | Set of 4 | 21 oz | Short Stem Balloon Sniffers

Lead free crystal glass
Hand blown
Dishwasher friendly

  • SPECIALTY SNIFTER GLASSES – the secret to enjoying the wonderful complexity of good brandy lies in a perfect snifter glass – the one that properly directs the aromas to the nose and the flavors to the right part of the palate. Ours is shaped to have a wide base diameter but tapered at the rim allowing the full spectrum of intricate aromas to build and blossom before being focused and delivered to the taster’s nose. Once lifted for a sip, the flow of the drink is channeled toward the front of the palate highlighting the full brandy richness.

  • TIMELESS ELEGANCE – if there is something about a nice glass that makes your drink taste that much better, ours is hand blown from finest crystal glass, featuring seamless graceful build and designed to snugly fit both man’s and woman’s hand allowing plenty of natural body heat to be absorbed by the brandy for delicious sipping.

  • SOPHISTICATED GIFT – treat yourself and thrill brandy lovers on those cold Fall and Winter days. Every set comes neatly packed in our signature gift and storage box. The back shares a few tips for choosing, serving and tasting brandy.