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Belle Epoque Absinthe Bubble Glasses | Set of 4 | French Pontarlier Reservoir Shape

Lead-free crystal glass
Hand blown
Dishwasher friendly

  • EASY PREPARATION – traditionally shaped into two delicately fused bowls – the bubble reservoir holding 1 part of absinthe and the flared top having 3 parts of cold water, these 6.5 oz Pontarlier style glasses make it a breeze to prepare a perfect absinthe drink for a decadent L’Heure Verte cocktail hour experience even if your journey to the land of Green Fairy begins.

  • PERFECT LOUCHE – only the classic Pontarlier bubble glasses excel in staging the famous milky louche effect that absinthe and other anise-flavored spirits are known for. The narrow neck allows liqueur and water to mix very slowly, causing the spontaneous emulsification known as the louche.

  • SOPHISTICATED GIFT – if there is something about a nice glass that makes your drink taste that much better, ours are hand blown from the finest crystal glass and polished by hand. Every set comes neatly packed in our signature gift and storage box, while the back shares a few tips for serving and mixing absinthe.